What’s a good ebook alternative to Amazon Kindles?

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Today seen a 15 y.o kid, a friend’s son. On previous occasion he demonstrated his custom #arch #linux desktop based on #bspwm .
Today he showed off cloning his CLI #rust app from GitHub and compiling it on his Android cellphone.

Damn impressive, mostly the can do attitude and passion.

Is there a Svelte-like UI compiler that’s implemented in Rust?

Random thought of a Saturday Morning: embrace as my main programming language for the implications its memory and cpu consumption have on the environment compared to other programming languages. And also due to how suitable it is for the making hosting of apps as easy as running a binary

Will there be a day when Microsoft decides to charge for premium features for Typescript? I like Typescript, but the fact that Microsoft is behind it makes me so uncomfortable

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Everyone’s freaking out about GotHub Copilot right now, but I think you’re missing the big picture: NPM (the Node Package Manager) is also owned by Micro$oft. I don’t know how or when, but something tells me it’s next, and migrating will be far harder. That’s why I’ve been trying to do new projects in Rust instead.

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I’m honestly cynical about signing up to yet another social media site (cohost), but at the same time, they’re saying what I’ve been complaining about in most SM sites. And it’s kinda my job to see how the user experience is.

I just realized iOS deeplinks are not designed for the where users might navigate from different domains into the Mastodon app

I'm having a hard time forming an opinion on whether we should be opinionated about the UI layer or not in @gestalt. There are many great options out there that developers might want to use, but also being loosely opinionated might limit building a more integrated experience.

The reactiveness and short-term thinking of Spanish culture is something that bugs me a lot. There’s barely anticipation to problems and connection of them with the cause.
- Is it warm? I install AC (I don’t give a shit about climate change because I’ll die anyway)
- Did I get money to overcome the crisis? Super! I’ll spend it in short-term wins to bias my voters.
And the list goes on…

I’m once again considering as the UI solution for @gestalt. The biggest motivators are its community and the fact that it’s a build tool and not a heavy runtime framework.

We can’t stop climate change if we don’t revert the consumerism patterns that wild capitalism has created on many people. It’s not about doing sustainable cloths. It’s about telling people they don’t need 5 new t-shirts or an AliExpress gadget every week

The history of Prince of Persia blew my mind. Memory limitation in Apple II led to a lot of creativity


I wrote a short blog post about feeling in between development and product design in the area of developer tooling. Has anyone experienced something similar?


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Para quienes no saben, me llamo Giselle Soler y me consagré campeona del mundo hace unos días. Quisiera aprovechar esta oportunidad para decirles que busco sponsor ya que me serian de mucha ayuda en mi carrera deportiva. Cada retweet suma muchísimo para difundir❤️Muchas gracias

Are Javascript Error stacktraces generated when the error is instantiated or when it's thrown? 🧐

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Recordemos que no se prohíbe abortar a las mujeres: Se prohíbe abortar a las mujeres pobres.

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